woman-talking-on-phoneUseful Knowledge is Power:
Have you ever wondered why it seems to be easier to work with some people than with others? Do you notice that you truly enjoy some of your responsibilities but despise the thought of undertaking certain actions, whether it be bringing your team to consensus or conducting performance reviews?

The DISC program measures individuals in four key areas and provides detailed information regarding:

  • D – How you approach and respond to problems
  • I – How you interact with others and attempt to influence them
  • S – How you respond to change and variation
  • C – How you respond to rules and procedures

With this valuable and useful information, you are then able to better match your natural abilities, communication style, and behaviors with those around you. If you work in a team environment and your entire team has a DISC assessment, it makes it easier for everyone to understand what motivates others and how best to interact with them. What a powerful way to improve your own productivity and that of the people with whom you work closest!

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