Growing Sales & Profitability with ISO 9000 Operational Excellence


MDSi undergoes a cultural transformation that leads to “real, positive impact on the customer experience…and real sales and profitability improvements.”

MDSi, Inc. is a leader in Voice & Data Communications Equipment and Supply Chain Services. For 20+ years, MDSi has helped network service providers increase efficiencies, improve logistics processes and reduce expenses. MDSi is based in Georgia, with locations in Nevada and England.


Already Sold on ISO, MDSi Needed ISO Guidance and Expertise

It was clear to MDSi that continually improving speed—and accuracy—of service delivery was critical to keeping their customers and staying ahead of competition. Protecting current revenue (customer retention) and acquiring new customers are critical objectives. They decided that the best approach was to apply the ISO 9000 framework to build the right infrastructure for a sustainable company culture focused on the customer.

“We are growing at a rapid pace, with people and processes constantly adjusting. ISO provides the structure and accountability to help us identify improvements and integrate them into our daily operations. External ISO certification added to the credibility of our commitment to our customers. Seeking David and Mike’s expertise helped us keep our focus.” ~Bob Pike, President, MDSi


A Clear Road-map, Clean Hand-offs, and No Bumps in the Road

We started with a company-wide “Gap Analysis” to help MDSi management understand where their operations stood in relation to the ISO framework. This produced a road-map and project plan to make meaningful, bottom-line changes in operations, in particular, facilitating agreement among departments.

“Mike, David and their team kept us moving forward, especially focused on the hand-offs and interaction between departments where the misunderstandings occur that lead to missteps visible to our customers. They provided critical, company-wide perspective.” ~ Shannon Payne, Quality Management Representative


Immediate Results: A National Contract with a Fortune 500 Client

Employees pulled together in a true partnership with the consulting team. MDSi won a national contract with a Fortune 500 client because internal processes were improved and streamlined. The company took on a major new client with no additional headcount! This and other improvements were based on the cultural shift that continues to grow stronger as MDSi embraces the ISO framework.

“We implemented dozens of improvements. We were able to redeploy 10-15 staff onto new client projects. We see real sales and profitability improvements. Our staff truly sees how they contribute to the company’s success. Our growth—and maintaining  service levels—would not have been possible without this discipline. Mike and David helped us make this part of the fabric